The song "Mann im Mond" is a mix between Classic, Rock and Electric music.The band recorded the song "Mann im Mond" accustic version in late october 2006, in central amerika (Costa Rica ). The song gives a little taste of the new album that will be published in 2007.
Lets Vamos is a soccer song which was recorded in february 2006, the band worked on this project together with the drumer Ronny Vargas. During the world cup 2006 the song was able to download for free, and more than five thousand people took the oportuniti. It was also played on tv shows and radio programs, and become one of their most famos songs.
Sauerkrauts´s first single "Traumfänger" , is a song about an indian dreamcatcher. The band worked on this recording with Pablo Murillo on drums.
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